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Turning 65 Is More Than Just Another Birthday

Call Adler Insurance in Prescott for all of your Meidcare insurance questions.In January, 2011 the first Baby Boomers turned 65 and between now and 2030, almost 10,000 a day will turn 65. Adler Insurance in Prescott would like to remind you that if you are about to turn 65, it is time to think about Medicare. You become eligible for Medicare at age 65, and delaying your enrollment can result in penalties, so it is important to act right away.

Unfortunately, it’s not just a simple decision. There are many choices when signing up for Medicare and they actually vary by State and County of residence. There are a number of different options to consider when signing up for Medicare. Medicare consists of four major programs:

  • Part A covers hospital stays
  • Part B covers physician fees
  • Part C permits Medicare beneficiaries to receive their medical care from among a number of delivery options, and
  • Part D covers prescription medications.

In addition, Medigap policies are available which offer additional coverage to individuals enrolled in Parts A and B.

Medicare enrollment begins 90 days before turning 65, and up to 7 months after. If you don't have an employer or union group health insurance plan, or that plan is secondary to Medicare, it is extremely important to sign up for Medicare Part B during your initial enrollment period. Note that COBRA coverage does not count as a health insurance plan for Medicare purposes. Neither does retiree coverage or VA benefits.

Just because you have a certain type of health insurance doesn't mean you don't have to sign up for Medicare Part B. If you do not sign up for Part B right away, then you could be subject to a penalty. Your Medicare Part B premium may go up 10 percent for each 12-month period that you could have had Medicare Part B, but did not take it. In addition, you will have to wait for the general enrollment period to enroll. The general enrollment period usually runs between January 1st and March 31st of each year.

And to add to the decisions, you can choose Medicare or a Medicare Advantage Plan to meet the requirements. It is advisable to talk with a professional about your Medicare choices. Working with a professional company like Adler Insurance in Prescott does not cost you any more than doing it yourself. So if you’re turning 65, come talk to one of our professionals who can give you the information you need to make an informed decision about your Medicare coverage? Just give us a call at 928-710-1455 and let us help you celebrate your 65th birthday!!



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