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The Need for Life Insurance

Life insurance was originally designed to protect your family financially in the event of your death. However, over the years life insurance has evolved and may provide Alder Insurane in Prescott Helps Clients Make Choices About Life Insuranceother benefits as well. Adler Insurance would like to help you answer the question, “Who Needs Life Insurance in Prescott and When Should You Buy It?”

Beginning Families - When you are young and decide it is time to start a family, you may want to look at purchasing life insurance. You will then be confident that your children will have financial support as they grow, in the event you die at an early age. It is also cheaper to purchase life insurance at a younger age.

Established Families - If your family is dependent on your income to support their lifestyle you may want to consider life insurance. This also applies to a work at home individual since the duties that they perform would be costly to cover in the event of their death, like cleaning, cooking, shopping, etc.

Young Singles - Even though you may not have a family to worry about at this stage, purchasing life insurance at this time in your life may be an excellent idea, because it is very inexpensive and you will have it in place as you proceed in life.

Homeowners - Since the mortgage payment on your home is probably your most expensive monthly payment, consider how a surviving spouse would be able to handle the payment with a single income. Purchasing a life insurance policy that would have the ability to pay off the mortgage in the event of the loss of a spouse may be a good investment.

Business Partners and Owners - If you have a business partner or own a business and there are people relying on you, you may want to consider purchasing a separate life insurance policy for the purpose of your business obligations or to ensure the continuation of your business if your should die.

So as you can see, most people in Prescott can benefit from the security of owning life insurance. In today’s insurance market there are a wide variety of life insurance products that you may want to consider, from simple term life to whole life or universal life, that often offer cash values and investment opportunities. To get answers to all of your life insurance questions, please contact one of our insurance professionals at Adler Insurance. You can reach us by calling 928-710-1455



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