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Deciding on the right Medicare supplement

Adler Insurance can help you decide the right Medicare Supplement in PrescottAlthough the federal Medicare program pays the lion’s share of medical expenses for those that use it, it still pays to look into the supplement policies as they help to pay for certain expenses not covered by Medicare. Adler Insurance helps you to navigate the Medicare supplements in Prescott and decide what is right for you.
When can I apply for a supplement policy?

Generally speaking, when you elect coverage from Medicare Part B, you have 6 months of open enrollment time for a supplement policy. This is the same whether you have Medicare due to age or disability. If you do not enroll in a supplement policy within the open enrollment window, you can be denied due to health conditions. Again, this is generally speaking. There are some exceptions, but you are safe to assume that 6-month window.

Does the supplement policy cover prescription drugs?
If you are looking for prescription drug coverage, it may be best to go with the Medicare prescription drug plan, as supplements may not include drug plans.

MedicareAdvantage Plans
MedicareAdvantage plans are privately sold insurance plans for a monthly fee that provide the standard Medicare benefits plus additional supplements. This is formerly known as Medicare+Choice plans.

Medicare Select Plans
Medicare Select plans are very similar to PPO plans. If you stay in network, the plan will be a lower cost.

A Medigap policy is basically just how it sounds. It pays the gaps that Medicare does not cover. It is sold by private insurance companies.

Am I qualified for a Medigap policy?
Not everyone qualifies for Medigap. Some reasons that may keep you from qualifying are: being enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, having Medicaid, being under the age of 65 and disabled or having end stage Renal disease. Also, generally speaking, you must have both Medicare part A and part B.

Let Adler Insurance help you with sorting out Medicare supplements in Prescott. We will see to it that you pick the right supplement plan for your specific needs. This article is not exhaustive, so it’s in your best interest to sit down and become fully educated on the supplement policies. If you need more information on how to choose your Medicare plan, call Adler Insurance at 928-710-1455.



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